Valorant pro lets his 10 year-old brother carry him in Radiant

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f0rsakeN, an Indonesian Valorant pro player for Paper Rex, let his 10 year-old little brother play on his account with great success. He racked up some kills and carried a pistol round in a Radiant ranked game.

Valorant is a game that’s truly struck a chord with younger audiences. Its departure from CSGO’s grounded realism in exchange for flashy abilities and fun character designs has made it much more appealing than its older counterpart for the next generation of gamers.

As such, there are some kids out there that can absolutely mop the floor with the competition in Valorant games. Paper Rex pro player Jason ‘f0rsakeN’ Susanto’s little brother is no different, and he made quick work of the competition playing on his pro player brother’s account in Radiant-level ranked games.

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f0rsakeN was introduced into the world of competitive play by his older brother, and now, he may be looking to do the same and keep the Susanto family on top of the esports world.

Valorant pro gets carried by his little brother in Radiant

f0rsakeN’s little brother, called Jojo by his teammates in-game, decided it was his turn to play Valorant and show his older brother how it’s done.

Though Jojo didn’t play through the entire Radiant-level ranked game, the rounds he did play went pretty well.

The 10-year-old got to show off his Valorant skills in some high-tier ranked games. He pulled off a few precision Vandal shots before dying in his first round playing where he almost clutched the round.

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Jojo came back with a vengeance in the second pistol round, clutching up and taking down two opponents by himself.

f0rsakeN was queued with some of his teammates on Paper Rex, one of which even offered the 10-year-old a spot on Paper Rex.

“Wow Jojo, so good. You wanna join Paper Rex? I will leave for you.”

This comment was likely made in jest, not to mention Jojo isn’t even old enough to play in tournaments, anyways – But with a supportive brother that’s already playing professionally and a family lineage that has achieved excellence in esports, who knows where we’ll see this Valorant prodigy go next?

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