NICKMERCS’ new merch line helps bring MFAM together outside of Twitch

nickmercs permanent merch dropNICKMERCS

Twitch star Nick ‘NICKMERCS’ Kolcheff has launched a new merch line with permanent inventory, with hopes to bring the MFAM together IRL with better access to his products.

When it comes to streamer merch, many of the internet’s most prominent influencers opt for limited-edition ‘capsule’ style drops that sell out in just minutes.

NICKMERCS has been one of those creators, with various drops in previous years selling out in just minutes.

That is, until now. Nick has officially launched his always-on storefront with permanent merch inventory to help bring the MFAM together outside Twitch.

How to get NICKMERCS’ new permanent merch line

NICKMERCS’ new merch line can be purchased through his website. For those looking at buying something for the upcoming holiday season, the team is expecting to fulfill the store’s initial orders in time for Christmas.

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Featuring a variety of shirts, jerseys, and hats donning his iconic gladiator helmet logo, Nick is also releasing a new FaZe jersey for those who missed his recent 10-year anniversary drop.

Nickmercs faze jerseyNICKMERCS
NICKMERCS’ new merch line includes a new FaZe jersey

When asked about why he decided to launch an always-on merch line, Kolcheff said: Exclusive drops are fun, but that’s not the point. This online store means the community can represent our colors, recognize each other and connect offline.

“MFAM has always meant family and this store is going to help the community connect in new ways.”

The rest of the lineup includes a hat, beanie, two new t-shirts, as well as a crewneck sweater and custom hoodie — and are permanently available now.

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