Amouranth wants to make “Gamer Girl Bath Water” with 100 Thieves

amouranth discusses twitch exclusivityInstagram/Amouranth

Twitch star Amouranth wants to make a “Gamer Girl Bath Water” energy drink flavor with 100 Thieves’ newest company, Juvee.

100 Thieves launched Juvee, their very own energy drink, on October 4, 2022, and fans are loving it.

First trademarked in 2021, Juvee is Matt ‘Nadeshot‘ Haag’s multi-year passion project that he decided to begin after years of working with other companies.

During a recent episode of the CouRage and Nadeshot show, Twitch star Amouranth mentioned that she wants a piece of the energy drink pie with her own custom flavor.

Amouranth wants “Gamer Girl Bath Water” Juvee flavor

During the show, CouRage asked Amouranth if there was one thing 100 Thieves should do in 2023 that would benefit from her help.

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After explaining the various things 100 Thieves has recently done, including the launch of Juvee, Amouranth shared her idea.

“We could make an energy drink together. Gamer Girl Bath Water and they’d come in like little jars with different flavors,” she said.

(Topic starts at 48:34 in the video)

It’s clear that the trio was joking during the podcast, but it wouldn’t be Amouranth’s first attempt at selling something like it.

In February 2022, she launched her latest company ‘Cutie Pa-Toot-ies’ which sells her fart jars and hot tub water for significant amounts of money.

Who knows, though, we could be wrong, and Juvee might release an Amouranth flavor by the end of next year. We’ll have to wait to see what happens.

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