iShowSpeed accused of “animal abuse” after IRL Zoo stream

iShowSpeed in giraffe enclosure at the ZooiShowSpeed

YouTube star iShowSpeed is under fire once again following an IRL stream at the zoo, in which critics have slammed him for “animal abuse.”

iShowSpeed can certainly lay claim to the title of the fastest-growing streamer out there at the moment, with the 17-year-old experiencing explosive growth this past year.

However, the streamer has been through quite a few controversies since his rise in popularity. Notably, the popular content creator went viral in April after an old clip resurfaced of him berating a female teammate while playing Valorant.

More recently he was even slammed as being “racist” after greeting an Asian fan with the Japanese greeting “konnichiwa,” despite the fan insisting that he is Chinese.

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Now, he’s come under fire once again, with critics accusing him of “animal abuse” following an IRL stream at the Zoo.

iShowSpeed accused of “animal abuse” after IRL Zoo stream

During his recent December 16 live stream, the popular YouTube star headed to the Zoo.

Regardless of the setting, he still kept up with his usual enthusiastic personality — which his fans have come to adore him for. However, the streamer has now been accused of animal abuse, as clips of him antagonizing animals surfaced.

The YouTuber was seen barking and yelling at various animals throughout his tour around the zoo, to which many have claimed his actions were a form of animal abuse.

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“It makes me so mad.. how can people not see that this is just animal cruelty? Tigers stoned on chains that aren’t aggressive at all? Strange It hurts and the excuse ‘they don’t know any better’ just doesn’t work,” one critic wrote on Twitter.

“These poor animals in the zoo. The tiger in chains, the other monkey etc. and speed legit just shouted at all of them,” said another.

“Speed is some b***ard holy sh*t. But the ‘zoo’ is even worse,” another added.

While Speed has profusely apologized for his past controversies, he’s still yet to respond to the recent accusations, but we’ll keep you updated if he does.

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