TikTokers go viral spotting ‘ghosts’ with AI manga filter

TikTok's AI manga filterTikTok: fesch6

TikTok users are going viral with their videos in which they use the popular AI manga filter to try and spot ‘ghosts’ in their environments.

Short-form video platform TikTok has had a number of different filters go viral in the past, and throughout December, one of the most popular has been the insanely popular AI manga filter.

This filter turns anyone who uses it into an anime-style figure, and thousands have been experimenting with different positions to try and get the character to have different features, with varying results.

Now, people are using the effect to try and spot ‘ghosts’ in the environment they’re in.

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With the filter applied, users will point their phone at an empty room, or one that is at least free of people, and they wait for the results to be generated.

While oftentimes it won’t pick up any faces, other times it will generate a manga character, implying that it has detected a face in an image that supposedly doesn’t have any faces in it.

Even if the user doesn’t really believe in ghosts, many have reported being freaked out by the effect, and have advised others against playing with this filter in the middle of the night.

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People have been racking up hundreds and thousands of likes and views by showing the results of the filter on the app, experimenting with different rooms in their house, as well as places they’re visiting.

This filter just picks up on anything that could possibly resemble a person, even if that is furniture or other objects rather than a person.

Regardless, people are having fun spooking themselves and their viewers out by trying to find ‘ghosts’ in the most unlikely places.

This filter is continuing to go viral across TikTok, and it looks like many more videos using it are set to be posted in the coming weeks.

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