VCT 2023 rostermania: Valorant partnered team rosters and rumors

All teams in the 2023 Valorant Champions tour leagues will have new rosters soonColin Young-Wolff/Riot Games

Riot Games has selected 30 organizations to join three separate leagues across the world in a new system for the esport. All 30 need to round out new rosters to show the developer for the 2023 version of the Valorant Champions Tour by October 15, with the pre-season transfer window closing on February 1, 2023.

Valorant Champions Tour 2022 ended on September 18 and concluded the open era of the esport. Now with the new league era looming and with orgs locked into either the Americas, EMEA or the Pacific leagues, teams are looking to construct new rosters for the 2023 season.

  • Karmine Corp. announce full roster
  • Evil Geniuses announce part of VCT team, tease 10-man roster
  • Team Liquid reveal full roster with nAts, Redgar and Sayf

Other teams not in the VCT leagues will also be looking to pick up players for the upcoming season as they try to promote into the leagues through Challengers Ascension. Outside of big moves from those teams, this tracker will only cover roster moves in the top three leagues.

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Note: rosters are not final and are subject to change.

VCT Americas league rosters

100 ThievesAsuna, bang, stellar, Derrek, Cryocells
Cloud9leaf, Xeppaa, vanity, yay, Zellsis, qpert
Evil GeniusesApotheon, C0M, Boostio, Reformed, jawgemo, BcJ, Ethan
FURIAqck, mwzera mazin, dgzin, Khalil, kon4n
KRÜNagZ, Klaus, xand, Daveeys, Melser, axeddy
LeviatánkiNgg, Tacolilla, Shyy, Nozwerr, Mazino, keznit
LOUDaspas, Saadhak, Less, cauanzin, tuyz
MIBRjzz, frz, heat, Murizz, rglm, txozin
NRGs0m, FNS, crashies, victor, ardiis, Thwifo
SentinelsTenZ, zekken, Sacy, paNcada, dephh, SicK

VCT EMEA league rosters

BBLAsLanM4shadoW, Turko, QuotinerX, Brave, Elite
FnaticBoaster, Derke, Alfajer, Leo, Chronicle
FUTmojj, qw1, MrFaliN, Muj, qRaxs, ATA KAPTAN
GiantsFit1nho, hoody, Cloud, rhyme, nukkye
KCorpScreaM, Nivera, xms, Shin, Newzera
KOIKoldamenta, Sheydos, Trexx, Wolfen, Goked, Famsii
NAVIANGE1, Shao, Zyppan, SUYGETSU, cNed
Hereticskeloqz, Boo, Mixwell, zeek, AvovA
Liquidsoulcas, Jamppi, nAts, Redgar, Sayf, dimasick
VitalityceNder, BONECOLD, MOLSI, Destrian, Twisten

VCT Pacific league rosters

DetonatioN GamingSuggest, Reita, xnfri, Anthem, Seoldam, takej
DRXstax, Rb, BuZz, MaKo, Zest, Foxy9
Gen.GMeteor, k1Ng, iNTRO, TS, eKo, Secret
Global EsportsAYRIN, T3xture, WRONSKI, Bazzi, Monyet, SkRossi, Lightningfast
Paper Rexf0rsakeN, Benkai, mindfreak, Jinggg, d4v41
RRQEJAY, 2ge, Emman, Tehbotol, fl1pzjder, Lmemore
T1ban, xeta, Munchkin, Sayaplayer, BeomJun, Carpe
TalonCrws, foxz, sushiboys, garnetS, jitboyS, Patiphan
Team SecretBORKUM, Jremy, DubsteP, JessieVash, invy, lenne
ZETA DIVISIONLaz, crow, Dep, TENNN, SugarZ3ro, barce

Offseason tracker for Valorant Champions Tour rosters

December 19

  • Team Secret have unveiled Warbirds (ex-Renegades) as their new head coach.

December 16

December 6

December 1

  • NRG have confirmed the signing of former T1 member thwifo as their sixth player.

November 30

November 23

  • 100 Thieves have announced JamezIRL as an assistant coach.
  • Heretics have parted ways with their remaining players from the 2022 team, GRUBINHO, snikk and PoPiFresH.

November 17

  • Evil Geniuses have announced the addition of Zikz as its assistant coach.

November 16

November 12

  • The VCT Global Contract Database has been released and revealed that FURIA have signed kon4n, MIBR have added heat, Murizz, txozin and rglm, NRG have signed Thwifo, FUT have signed ATA KAPTAN. The entire KOI roster has been revealed as well with Koldamenta, Sheydos, Trexx, Wolfen, Goked and Famsii joining.

November 12

November 11

  • T1 have confirmed the signing of Korean player Carpe, who spent the last five years playing Overwatch for the Philadelphia Fusion.
  • NRG have announced their fifth player in ardiis.
  • Karmine Corp. have announced their full roster headlined by ScreaM and Nivera.
  • Evil Geniuses have announced part of their roster for the VCT 2023 season with its five players returning along with Ethan and BcJ. The org also teased three other players that will join to form a 10-man roster.
  • Team Liquid have confirmed the signings of Sayf, nAts and Redgar for the 2023 VCT season.
  • Team Vitality have confirmed the signings of MOLSI, Destrian and Twisten. The trio join ceNder and BONECOLD in the lineup for VCT 2023.
  • Valorant Champions 2022 winners LOUD have finalized their VCT 2023 roster with cauanzin and tuyz. Former T1 coach fRoD will take charge of the team.

November 10

  • NRG have confirmed the signing of OpTic Gaming’s victor.
  • Team Heretics have announced their full roster for VCT 2023, which consists of zeek, Boo, AvovA, mixwell and keloqz.
  • Giants Gaming have unveiled their roster for VCT 2023, which consists of Fit1nho, hoody, Cloud, rhyme, and nukkye, with pipsoN as coach.
  • Fnatic have completed their Valorant lineup with the signing of Russian player Chronicle, formerly of Gambit and M3 Champions.
  • Team Liquid have confirmed the departures of ScreaM and Nivera. The Belgian brothers have been linked with Karmine Corp in recent weeks.

November 9

  • NRG have confirmed the signing of OpTiC Gaming’s crashies.
  • pAura is a free agent after playing for Team Heretics for a short time in the offseason, the player has announced.

November 8

  • NRG have confirmed the signing of OpTic Gaming’s in-game leader, FNS.
  • NAVI have unveiled their new Valorant roster for 2023, consisting of ANGE1, Shao, Zyppan, SUYGETSU, and cNed. d00mbr0s will be the team’s coach, joining four of his FPX players in this new challenge.

November 7

  • NRG Esports have announced the signing of former OpTic Gaming head coach Chet.
  • FunPlus Phoenix have bid farewell to their enquire Valorant squad. Four of the team’s players, as well as head coach d00mbr0s, have been linked with EMEA partner Natus Vincere.
  • Filipino player Witz has announced that he has been released from his contract with Team Secret. He spent a year with the organization, attending the Valorant Champions 2021 event.

November 1

  • Team Secret have added invy (Oasis Gaming) and lenne (Bleed eSports) to their lineup, according to Riot Games’ announcement of the Pacific teams’ rosters.

October 31

  • Gen.G assistant coach Prainex has announced that he is open to offers as a coach, assistant coach or analyst, after his contract expired.

October 29

  • BBL Esports have allowed aimDLL to explore his options ahead of VCT 2023, the Turkish organization has announced.

October 28

  • T1 is set to sign former Overwatch World Cup champion Carpe, according to
  • Oasis Gaming have confirmed the departure of initiator Invy, who has been heavily linked with Team Secret.

October 27:

October 26:

October 25:

  • Talon Esports have announced a six-man roster for VCT 2023 that consists of Crws, foxz, sushiboys, garnetS, jitboyS, and Patiphan.

October 24:

  • 100 Thieves have announced their VCT 2023 roster. No changes were made that had not been already announced.
  • DetonatioN Gaming have announced their VCT 2023 roster, a South Korean/Japanese mixture that is made up of Suggest, Reita, xnfri, Anthem, Seoldam and takej. hsk and Melofovia are the team’s coaches.
  • ZETA DIVISION have announced the signing of DetonatioN Gaming’s barce, who will be the team’s backup player.
  • Turkish player Elite (Fenerbahçe Esports) has signed with BBL Esports, joining Brave, formerly of SuperMassive Blaze, as the team’s off-season signings.

October 23:

  • T1 have signed Sayaplayer (The Guard) and BeomJun, the South Korean organization has announced.

October 22:

  • Lmemore, formerly of ONIC Esports, has joined Pacific side Rex Regum Qeon.
  • Leviatán have confirmed the signing of former KRU Esports star keznit, who joins the team as sixth player.

October 21:

  • FURIA Esports have announced that mwzera will round out their starting roster.
  • KRÜ Esports have announced their roster for VCT 2023, with xand, Daveeys, Melser and axeddy joining the squad.
  • Gen.G have announced their roster for VCT 2023, made up of Secret, eKo, TS, iNTRO, k1Ng and Meteor. Elmapuddy stays on as coach, assisted by bail.
  • Leviatán have confirmed the signing of Chilean player Mazino, who joins from KRU Esports.

October 20:

  • Former T1 player Thwifo is set to sign with NRG Esports, according to Dot Esports.
  • Spanish player lowel has been moved to the bench by Team Heretics, he has announced. The decision comes as a shock as many fans were excited to see him paired with mixwell, who was signed last week.
  • Leviatán have confirmed the signing of Argentinian player Nozwerr, who had been with FURIA since January 2021.

October 19:

  • Giants are set to sign Hoody and former G2 head coach pipsoN, according to
  • Sentinels announce SicK as its sixth player for 2023.
  • BBL announce that Brave will join the team for the 2023 season.
  • Ocelot Sports agency announce that Bang has re-signed with 100 Thieves through 2025.
  • 100 Thieves announce Sean Gares is stepping down as head coach to pursue content creation, Mikes has been promoted to the head coaching role to replace him.

October 18:

  • Sentinels announce dephh as their fifth player.
  • FURIA Esports announce the departure of Nozwer from the team.
  • Team Heretics announce that Mixwell has joined their 2023 roster.
  • According to Brazilian insider Noyn, axeddy and Keznit are close to joining KRU Esports and Leviatán, respectively, as backup players.
  • Global Esports have completed the signing of Monyet, who joins from ONIC Esports. The Indonesian player will be part of a seven-man roster that will also include Indian duo SkRossi and Lightningfast.

October 17:

  • Cloud9 announces full roster with yay and Zellsis along with coaching staff and sixth man qpert.
  • Evil Geniuses are in discussion to sign former NRG Esports player Ethan as negotiations with supamen have stagnated, according to Dot Esports.
  • Shin and Newzera have reached a verbal agreement to re-sign with Karmine Corp, according to
  • ScreaM and Nivera are set to sign with Karmine Corp for the 2023 season, according to
  • xms is set to sign with Karmine Corp for VCT 2023, according to
  • Global Esports have unveiled the first four members of their starting lineup for VCT 2023. In addition to AYRIN (XSET), they have announced T3xture (DAMWON Gaming), WRONSKI (ORDER), and Bazzi (On Sla2ers).

October 16:

  • North American superstar yay has announced that his next team will be revealed on October 17.
  • Former Cloud9 player curry is an unrestricted free agent after being released from his contract, he has announced.
  • Global Esports have signed Laotian player WRONSKI (ORDER) and South Korean player Bazzi (On Sla2ers), according to reporter Seulgi.
  • Fnatic have confirmed that they have signed Swedish player Leo from Guild Esports. The UK-based organization have also been credited with an interest in former Gambit player Chronicle.
  • On Twitter, Leviatán have confirmed that Melser and adverso are no longer tied to the organization. The two players had been out of the starting lineup since the end of September, with Melser rumored to be joining KRU Esports.

October 15:

  • Sentinels have confirmed the signings of LOUD duo Sacy and paNcada.
  • NAVI have allowed head coach SmartSeven to explore his options. On Twitter, he revealed that he is open to offers as coach, analyst or player.
  • Norwegian player Rhyme is close to joining Giants Gaming, according to The former NIP and Gen.G member attended Valorant Champions 2022 with FunPlus Phoenix as a substitute.
  • G2 Esports player AvovA is set to join Team Heretics, reports. The Spanish organization has also been linked with G2’s mixwell.
  • Rex Regum Qeon have confirmed the signing of Indonesian player fl1pzjder, who joins from BOOM Esports.

October 14:

October 13:

  • DRX have announced the signing of teenager Jung ‘Foxy9’ Jae-sung as the team’s sixth man.
  • Giants player ShadoW has announced that he has been given permission to explore his options, leaving Fit1nho as the only player in the starting lineup.
  • Team Secret are poised to sign invy (Oasis Gaming) and lenne (Bleed eSports), according to

October 12:

October 11:

  • Talks between former Vision Strikers player Lakia and T1 have broken down, according to reporter Seulgi, who adds that the player is currently trying out for Gen.G.
  • ZETA DIVISION have re-signed Reita, who spent the last year playing for REJECT. More details about his playing status will be announced soon, according to the Japanese organization.

October 10:

  • Famsii (KOI) has announced that he is exploring his options. This means that the Spanish organization will most likely build an entirely new roster for VCT 2023.
  • Team Heretics GRUBINHO and snikk have announced that they are open to offers. The Spanish organization was recently linked with G2 Esports star mixwell.
  • KOI’s trio of neptuNo, Sacake and PHYRN have all confirmed that they have been given permission to explore their options. Famsii is yet to comment on his situation.
  • Czech controller Jesse (Giants Gaming) has been given permission to explore his options. The team is now down to just two active players, Fit1nho and ShadoW.
  • Vitality have confirmed that Salah has taken over as their new head coach. The 22-year-old coached teams like FaZe, Tundra and Akrew before joining OG LDN UTD.
  • LOUD have reached agreements with Saadhak, aspas and Less for 2023, The Enemy reports. The trio will make up the core of the team, which still needs two starting players as Sacy and paNcada are reportedly on the brink of joining Sentinels.

October 9:

  • Magnum is open to offers in the off-season, the KOI player has announced. The Czech player, formerly of Fnatic, has been with KOI since June.
  • Rex Regum Qeon have confirmed the signing of Tehbotol from BOOM Esports, completing their six-man lineup for VCT 2023.
  • G2 Esports’ mixwell has reached a verbal agreement to join Team Heretics, according to
  • Pacific league team Rex Regum Qeon have confirmed the signing of EJAY, formerly of BREN Esports. Meanwhile, it has announced that 2ge and Nexi will remain with the team.

October 8:

  • Former Leviatán player Melser has reached an agreement with KRU Esports, Spanish content creator Lembo has claimed.
  • Giants player Kiles has announced that he is currently exploring his options. The former Acend player has been with Giants since April.
  • KOI are in discussions to sign starxo (Acend), Sheydos (ex-M3 Champions) and koldamenta (Guild Esports) as their first players, according to Dot Esports, which adds that BARBARR (Guild) is likely joining the Spanish organisation as head coach.
  • Rex Regum Qeon have completed the signing of Tehbotol from BOOM Esports, according to Run It Back reporter Ominous.
  • VCT 2022 world champions Sacy and paNcada will sign with Sentinels, according to multiple reports.
  • Just days after saying that he was staying with Sentinels, dapr has revealed that he has been given permission to explore his options as an unrestricted free agent.

October 7:

  • Valorant Champions 2021 winner cNed is reportedly in the final stages of talk to join NAVI, according to Dot Esports.
  • Former Knights player Genghsta has said that he is open to offers from partner teams in the Americas and Asia-Pacific as he qualifies for both regions due to his dual citizenship.
  • Sentinels analyst Matt ‘Weltis’ Liu is weighing up his options after being informed that the organization would not renew his contract.
  • paNcada and Sacy linked to new-look SEN with TenZ, dephh, and Zekken.

October 6:

October 5:

October 4:

  • Pacific league team Global Esports have dropped a major hint that they will sign former XSET player AYRIN as their import player.
  • Team Liquid are close to signing Guild’s Sayf and ex-M3C duo Redgar and nAts, according to Dot Esports.
  • baddyG has announced that, “due to a break in negotiations” with Vitality, he has been given permission to explore his options. This leaves Vitality with only two active players, ceNder and BONECOLD.
  • Spanish content creator Lembo claims that Sayf is on the brink of joining Team Liquid. The Swedish player is on the books of Guild Esports, who did not make the EMEA partner league.

October 3:

  • NRG are looking to add FunPlus Phoenix’s ardiis to their team, Dot Esports reports. The former G2 Esports is not expected to join his FPX teammates in moving to NAVI.
  • Sentinels have parted ways with former head coach Rawkus, who said that he is open to offers from both VCT partners and Ascension teams.
  • Sentinels have confirmed that they have hired Syyko (XSET) as head coach and kaplan (Ghost Gaming) as strategic coach.
  • Cloud9 are in discussions to add The Guard’s Matthew ‘mCe’ Elmore as head coach, according to Dot Esports.
  • G2’s nukkye could be joining NAVI as their fifth player, according to Turkish insider Dr_ALPH4. The Ukrainian organization has reportedly been in talks with FPX’s roster, though ardiis may not join the rest of the squad in this move.
  • On Twitter, T1’s thwifo has announced that he is open to offers as an unrestricted free agent. He cannot play for T1 in the Pacific league “due to import slot limitations”.

October 2:

  • LOUD member Saadhak has said that the players will try to stick together amid rumours that the Valorant world champions could split up. The Argentinian player added that negotiations with LOUD are still ongoing.
  • ZETA DIVISION have announced that they are looking for a new member for their team. It is unclear if this player will be part of the starting lineup or if he will be added as a substitute.

October 1:

September 30:

September 29:

September 28:

September 27:

September 26: