North West pranks Kim Kardashian with viral fake eyebrows TikTok filter

North West playing a prank on Kim KardashianTikTok: kimandnorth

North West has hilariously pranked her mom, Kim Kardashian, using the fake eyebrows TikTok filter to pretend she’d shaved them while Kim was sleeping.

Kim Kardashian and North West’s TikTok account is one that is hugely popular among fans, with the mother-daughter duo participating in a number of different trends and challenges on the app, garnering millions of likes and views as a result.

One trend that has been popular on the app, involves people using the fake eyebrows filter to prank their friends and family into thinking they’ve made their eyebrows look much too thin.

Users will pretend to use a razor or similar object on the other person’s face to make it feel like they’re actually shaving them, but no actual hair is shaved off in the process.

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On December 18, North decided that she was going to do this very same viral prank on her mom.

In the video, she can be seen holding a pink razor, before going up to Kim while she is asleep. She pretends to use the razor on her mom’s eyebrows, before shaking her mom awake.

She shows the phone to Kim, where the filter has made it appear as though North actually shaved her eyebrows.

“North, this is not funny,” she scolded in return.

North wrote in the caption of the video, “so funny, the fake eyebrows filter.”

Kim and North have comments turned off on their account, but the video quickly made its way across people’s For You Page, and in less than a day it has already racked up over 1.8 million likes and 12 million views.

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Their joint account now has over 11 million likes, and fans are constantly staying tuned in to see what the duo will post next.