Breaking Bad’s Dean Norris surprises Forsen with bizarre message about Obama

dean norris sends forsen a message about obamaTwitter/DeanNorris/Twitch/Forsen

Popular Twitch streamer Sebastian ‘Forsen’ Fors was in for a shock after Breaking Bad actor Dean Norris sent him a surprise message about former US President Barack Obama.

Forsen is one of Twitch’s biggest names and has thousands of fans who watch him stream games and as such, they’re willing to spend big bucks to get his attention.

That’s exactly what seemed to happen during a December 14 broadcast when the streamer received a message from Dean Norris – the actor who played DEA agent Hank on Breaking Bad.

Like many actors, Norris has a page on the website Cameo, where fans can spend hundreds of dollars for a personalized message and someone did just that with the goal of sending it to Fosen.

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Forsen speechless by Dean Norris’ shock message to him

Right when the video began, Norris kept repeating the name “Forsen” over and over again in a variety of different ways before finally getting to the point.

“I just want to tell you this is a certified Forsen-level moment. Okay?” he asked. “And your good friend Obama really needs to pee. So you better finish Terraria soon!”

This finally got the Swedish streamer to crack a laugh, still completely bewildered by the video’s existence to begin with.

“So finish Terraria, Forsen! Bye!” Norris said to conclude the video, but the Twitch star wasn’t really too thrilled by the end of it.

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“This hurts my soul, man,” he grimaced before letting out a deep sigh.

Unfortunately for Obama, it doesn’t seem like the streamer will be coming to his rescue, so Barack may have to look elsewhere for his bathroom and Terraria needs.