Jake Paul’s “truth” video ends claims Anderson Silva fight was fixed

Jake Paul talking to camera in boxing gymYouTube: Jake Paul

Jake Paul’s MVP brand has dropped a video with the “truth” about his knockdown of Anderson Silva, which puts to rest all claims that the fight was jigged. 

When Jake Paul knocked out Ben Askren in his third boxing match, critics of the ‘Problem Child’ quickly suggested that the result was more akin to professional wrestling than professional fighting – claiming that it had been fixed. 

The accusations have reared their head in every one of his fights since then too, with many calling into question his knockdowns of both Tyron Woodley and Anderson Silva. Critics of the YouTuber claimed the three fights were all “fixed” despite Jake being defended by actual boxers and pundits.  

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While he may be looking forward to his next fight, Jake’s team has attempted to put the “fixed” claims to rest once and for all, releasing up-close footage of the fight against Silva. 

Jake Paul’s MVP brand releases “truth” video of Anderson Silva KO

That’s right, while the fight against Anderson may have happened almost two months ago, Jake’s team has now stepped up with a new angle of the knockdown. 

In a video titled “The Truth,” they showed the close-range body blows that Jake landed on the MMA legend to set him up for a deadly combination of shots. The YouTuber-turned-boxer landed a subtle punch to the face to drop Silva’s guard, which allowed him to throw a hook. 

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The right-handed hook is what some fans have suggested didn’t totally connect. However, in the new video, it’s clear to see that Jake landed a powerful blow to Silva’s face to cause the knockdown. 

As some have pointed out, the ‘Problem Child’ wouldn’t be granted a boxing license or have commissions sanction his fights if they weren’t all above board. 

While he cleverly picks and chooses his spots when it comes to his opponents, Jake has displayed some impressive boxing pedigree in the early part of his fighting career and is only looking upwards.