KSI shares update on Jake Paul boxing match and it’s bad news for fight fans

Jake Paul vs ksiInstagram/JakePaul/KSI

YouTuber KSI has shared some unfortunate news on his highly-anticipated boxing match against Jake Paul despite the two agreeing to fight in 2023.

The rivalry between Jake Paul and KSI has become legendary with fans of both influencers-turned-boxers anxiously waiting for the two to step into the ring once and for all.

With the two agreeing to fight in 2023, it seemed like the fight was locked in for next year, but recent comments from KSI have ended those rumblings.

Speaking at a press conference ahead of his upcoming match against Dillon Danis, the rapper spoke about fighting Jake Paul and vowed that The Problem Child match will happen, just not anytime soon.

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KSI wants Jake Paul fight to be his last

According to the British YouTuber, he’s been enjoying the progress he’s made with weight loss and his physical evolution, but doesn’t want the journey to end with a match against Jake Paul.

“It’s breaking the next person and the next person and eventually getting to Jake Paul and destroying everything that he’s built,” KSI said. “I think it’s going to be fantastic… I could fight Jake middle of next year if I wanted to, I was definitely offered to, but I said ‘nah’ because I’m enjoying this too much.”

Jake Paul in yellow shirt next to KSI in black and red shirt talking to cameraInstagram: Jake Paul/DAZN
A fight between KSI and Jake Paul is farther away than we thought.

The rapper further explained that he never thought he’d be able to run 5K in under 20 minutes and now he can breeze through it, because of all the training he’s done.

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“To know that I could just go further beyond, I think it’s just sick and I don’t really want to end it so quick because I know once I fight Jake it’s done,” he added.

“I’ve no interest to do anything else boxing-wise, so I don’t know why I’d want to end it so quickly, I’m just enjoying the journey too much.”

So far, Jake Paul hasn’t responded to this news, but for anyone expecting a bout between the two top dogs in influencer boxing, it seems like you’re going to need to wait quite a bit for the epic showdown.

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