Marvel fans want Henry Cavill to play “MCU’s Superman”

Henry Cavill as Superman and a still of Hyperion from the Marvel comics.Warner Bros./Marvel Comics

With Henry Cavill no longer playing Superman in the DC universe, Marvel fans have their eyes on another role for him in the MCU – and he’d essentially be the franchise’s version of Superman.

Henry Cavill first donned the red cape in 2013’s Man of Steel. While reprising his role in Zack Snyder’s Justice League, he was last seen officially in 2017’s theatrical cut of the movie, before cameoing in Black Adam.

The latter appearance was supposed to mark the star’s official return to the role, with Cavill even releasing a statement and telling several interviewers about his plans for the character.

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Unfortunately, following James Gunn and Peter Safran’s takeover of DC Studios, he’ll no longer be playing Superman – so, should he join the MCU instead?

Marvel fans want Henry Cavill as Hyperion in the MCU

While Cavill being dropped as Superman has some fans curious over whether he’ll return to The Witcher, Marvel fans have put him forward for a significant MCU role: Hyperion.

Who is Hyperion? The Marvel comics character debuted in 1969, created by writer Roy Thomas and artist Sal Buscema. He was intended to be a pastiche of Superman, with his superhero team – the Squadron Supreme – also parodying the Justice League with Nighthawk, Doctor Spectrum, Power Princess, and the Whizzer.

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Hyperion’s powers include superhuman strength, stamina, speed, durability, flight, and “atomic vision”, and his main weakness is “argonite radiation”, essentially Marvel’s version of kryptonite.

Since the Superman news hit social media, Cavill’s hopeful Hyperion casting has been the talk of Twitter. “At this point I want Marvel and Kevin Feige to hire Ben Affleck, Gal Gadot and Henry Cavill for The Squadron Supreme (even just as one appearance). Getting them as Nighthawk, Power Princess and Hyperion would be hilariously awesome,” one wrote.

“I hope Marvel does the right thing and cast Henry Cavill as Hyperion,” another tweeted. “I’ve been saying for years: The really audacious thing for Marvel to do would be to immediately greenlight a Squadron Supreme movie. Henry Cavill would make one hell of a Hyperion,” a third wrote.

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“Now is the time for Marvel to announce their Squadron Supreme movie with Cavill as Hyperion and Affleck as Nighthawk,” another wrote.

“Henry Cavill was f*cked around so hard by DC that wherever he ends up next I hope he plays a Superman-style character and absolutely owns it…. Hyperion,” a fifth tweeted.

As for who’ll play Superman in the DCU next, fans think they have an idea – and it’s got them all shook up.

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