Woman goes viral with “disgusting” cheesy hot chocolate hack

Miss Legarda TikTokTikTok: MissLegarda

A woman has gone viral on TikTok after showing that she puts cheese in her hot chocolate drink, with many calling it “disgusting.”

With over a billion users, TikTok has continued to be one of the most popular video platforms thanks to its wide variety of content.

Sometimes, however, you come across a video showing something that you’re just not a fan of.

For many, TikToker MissLegarda has done just that with her cheesy hot chocolate hack that many won’t even consider drinking.

TikToker shocks viewers with cheesy hot chocolate

Posted on December 15, MissLegarda shared her drink mix in a video that’s now reached nearly three million views.

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“If you’re not putting cheese in your hot chocolate then what are you doing?” she said.

In her caption, the TikToker asked: “Have u ever had Colombian hot chocolate w/ cheese?”

As the video gained traction, viewers were quick to voice their opinion in a comment.

“I understand cheese & chocolate can be a good combo for some but this is taking it a bit too far,” one user replied.

Another user said: “What the heck, that’s disgusting.”

However, others mentioned that it was a cultural dish that they also had experienced while growing up: “We grew up on that stuff. My Puerto Rican mother used to put a chunk of Gouda cheese at the bottom of the cup, and then poured hot chocolate on it!!”

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In a follow-up video, MissLegarda explained just that — and showed her viewers how to make it.

“Don’t knock it until you try it,” she explained.