Higround unveils enthusiast-grade Summit 65 keyboard in upcoming drop

Summit 65 keyboards on top of higround mousepadHiground

Higround has just unveiled its new, enthusiast-grade Summit 65 keyboard release alongside a plethora of other items in its upcoming “Mercury Capsule” drop.

Having been acquired by 100 Thieves in October 2021. Higround is a boutique gaming keyboard company. Their popularity has soared after hype releases, and a continual improvement to its products while also making them easily accessible with the Basecamp series.

Now, Higround is preparing to release a new flagship gaming keyboard. This enthusiast-grade board is dubbed the Summit 65 Founder’s Edition.

Alongside the premium model come three further keyboards. But, it’s not all about the keyboards. The company is also launching a mousepad, keycap sets, and more inside what Higround calls the “Mercury Capsule.”

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higround summit 65 keyboard blackHiground
Higround’s Summit 65 Founders Edition launches at $290

Higround launches Summit 65 keyboard and Mercury capsule

Marketed as the “pièce de résistance” of the capsule, the Summit 65 Founders Edition features enthusiast-level features. This includes a solid aluminum frame, RGB side panels, and a brass medallion of the company’s logo on the backside. The Summit 65 Founders Edition keyboard will be available in both black and white colorways.

Underneath the unique mountain-motif-designed PBT keycaps are the “Geo” keyswitches. These are Higround’s first in-house designed and created mechanical switches. They’ve also included premium Durock V2 stabilizers that, alongside the switches, are pre-lubed. Higround also promises a premium experience from the moment you open the box.

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Alongside the Summit 65 Founders Edition, the Mercury Capsule also includes a revamp of Higrounds 2021 collaboration with 100 Thieves, with two keyboards, a mousepad, apparel, and more.

Similar to the Basecamp series (which we think is a near-perfect keyboard), the updated 100T collab comes in its standard design with PBT keycaps and Higrounds TTC White Flame switches with a hot-swappable PCB.

The drop will be available for purchase and pre-order on November 18, 2022, on Higround’s website.