The Nvidia RTX 4080, 4070, and 4060 graphics cards may not be released until 2023

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While many are hotly anticipating the upcoming Nvidia RTX 4080, 4070, and 4060 graphics cards, they may not be released until 2023, according to an industry insider.

It’s almost been two years since the debut of the RTX 3000 series, and that means that we could be seeing a brand-new generation of graphics cards hit the market.

Toting a huge reported power draw and multiple spec tweaks ahead of the official announcement, Nvidia has another huge issue on its hands, an oversupply of current-generation cards.

We have previously reported that Nvidia is cutting the price of certain RTX 30-series cards, and that is in line with Moore’s Law is Dead claiming that there are significant oversupply issues with high-end graphics cards currently.

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This could be attributed to the cryptocurrency crash, which sent GPU prices crashing down dramatically.

Now, it appears that it may have a knock-on effect for a couple of upcoming Ada Lovelace-based RTX 4000-series cards, including the RTX 4080 and RTX 4070. Industry insider Greymon55 has stated that we could be seeing the RTX 4080, 4070, and 4060 released in 2023.

As ever, you should take these rumors from insiders with a huge grain of salt. However, Greymon55 is one of the more accurate leakers in the industry. Moore’s law Is Dead has also released a video with additional speculation on upcoming graphics cards, including upcoming Intel cards. However, there is a shred of good news for some power users.

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The RTX 4090 appears to remain unaffected by this change, with a release date seemingly locked in for October 2022, which is a far cry from the initial rumors of a release in July earlier this year. It now occupies the spot where we thought the RTX 4080 would be, while we were expecting the RTX 4070 to be released in November or December.

Now, it looks like the RTX 4080, 4070, and 4060 will instead be launching in 2023, with the RTX 3080 and 3070 seemingly surviving for another holiday season. Nvidia may also choose to continue to sell the older-generation cards up until supplies run out. However, with the reported issues of oversupply, you might have to wait a little bit longer.

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Again, this all remains to be a rumor, so we still might see the RTX 4080 release this year, it’s just a case of seeing what Nvidia chooses to do, and how they might respond to AMD’s RDNA3 architecture, which is also due to be released later this year.

We’ll be sure to update you on the latest on the RTX 4080 as soon as we hear it.