Twitch streamer’s World Cup celebration ends in disaster after running through window

Twitch streamer emiifco

An Argentinian Twitch streamer’s World Cup celebrations ended in absolute disaster after he accidentally smashed a glass door and injured himself in the process.

Though controversial, the 2022 Qatar World Cup has been chaotic and exciting to say the least. With upsets across the board throughout the Group Stage and Knockouts, it’s become almost impossible to predict who’ll take the trophy home.

No matter what nation, fans have been through many ups and downs during the tournament and their passion continues to show.

One Twitch streamer however went a bit too far with their celebrations — accidentally shattering a glass door resulting in a few injuries.

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Twitch streamer shatters glass door while celebrating World Cup

During a December 9 broadcast, Twitch streamer emiifco was watching the World Cup quarterfinals match between Argentina and Netherlands, and the game, like many others we’ve seen throughout the tournament, was nothing short of hectic.

While Argentina comfortably held a 2-0 lead over their opposition, two last-minute goals from the Netherlands took the game to extra time. With neither side taking the lead in the extra time, it inevitably went to penalties and it all came down to Lautaro Martínez to score the final penalty that would take Argentina to the semi-finals.

Visibly anxious and almost in tears, emiifco was dreading what would come next. However, the anxiety was quickly lifted, as Martínez scored the winning penalty.

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The streamer’s celebration was intense, to say the least. Screaming and running towards his balcony, the 28-year-old accidentally ran straight into a glass door, completely shattering it.

Immediately the celebrations turned into a rather serious situation, as it became apparent that the streamer cut himself from the glass.

The live stream was ended soon after. Thankfully, the injury wasn’t too serious, though the Twitch streamer is now left with a massive bandage around his forearm.