Dr Disrespect mocks “crybaby” TimTheTatman & CouRage after Warzone 2 complaints

Dr Disrespect on streamYouTube: DrDisrespect

YouTube streamer DrDisrespect has poked fun at TimTheTatman and CouRageJD for their “crybaby” complaints on their Warzone 2.

With so much to do and explore, fans are just about getting used to Warzone 2 and its new map Al Mazrah. The battle royale sequel has introduced many new features, and even improved and upgraded old systems.

However, interest for the new battle royale seems to be at a low according to some of our favorite content creators, who’ve seen a noticeable dip in their views.

Recently, both TimTheTatman and CouRage have expressed their concerns with Warzone 2’s viewership, noting how their videos across the board are performing worse than before.

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“Warzone 2.0 videos are underperforming across almost all creators I see on YouTube compared to even the later stages of Warzone 1.0,” CouRage said on Twitter, though the Doc doesn’t agree.

“Not mine…. that’s for sure,” Dr Disrespect replied. “One day I’ll teach you a little something called, Showtime.”

In classic Doc fashion, and living up to his name, the two-time champ also fired shots at TimTheTatman in a snarky tweet. “@timthetatman I’ve never seen so many crybaby tweets on my timeline before,” he wrote.

“My numbers are down this big, MW2 that, edited videos down big, wah wah wah wah. I’m getting 35-40 million in the Arena every time I show up… and I’m just getting started. Wake up Timmy.”

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Hilariously hitting back at the two-time, Tim responded by giving Dr Disrespect the middle finger.

While MW2 has absolutely smashed sales records, it looks like Warzone 2 is going through a bit of a rough patch. But, with Season 1 Reloaded on the horizon, hopefully, we’ll see interest pick back up.