North West snaps at mom Kim Kardashian as she styles her hair in viral TikTok

North West snaps at mom Kim Kardashian as she styles her hair in viral TikTokTIKTOK: kimandnorth

North West went viral on TikTok as she hilariously snapped at Kim Kardashian while she was trying to do her hair.

In a 5-second clip, which has racked up 14.7 million views, Kim was seen sitting on a bed alongside North, as she tinkered with her eldest child’s hair.

The ‘Kardashians’ star donned a red and white Christmas-themed onesie, while North wore a casual white-t-shirt, as both seemed relaxed while filming the video.

However, as Kim started brushing the 9-year-old’s edges, North suddenly snatched the comb off her hand, pulled away and started telling her off.

Although her voice couldn’t be heard, the song ‘Don’t Play With It’ played over the clip, and it looked like North was lip-syncing to it.

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Kim reacted by pausing, putting her hands up and then smiling at her daughter’s precocity.

Although comments are always turned off on Kim and North’s joint account, viewers shared their opinions on the clip in the comment sections of reuploads across TikTok.

“Honestly North is the star of that family,” one fan wrote. “This is too funny why does Kim look genuinely scared lmao,” another added.

“North is literally me whenever my mom tries to brush or comb my hair,” a third shared.

The mother-daughter duo has gone viral on the short-form app on several occasions, as they consistently post entertaining content for their 10.3 million followers.

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Last week, fans were enthralled as North busted out the choreography from the ‘Get Sturdy’ TikTok dance alongside Lizzo.

The 9-year-old social media star also went viral earlier this month, when she mocked Kim’s iconic TV meltdowns in a hilarious video.

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