Jake Paul awarded boxing ‘title’ in awkward exchange and fans are furious

Jake Paul holding boxing title belt and mic next to bernard hopkinsYouTube: ESNews

Jake Paul has been awarded a boxing world ‘title’ by the WBA in a pretty awkward exchange, and it’s safe to say fans aren’t happy about it. 

In the short time that he’s been involved with the world of boxing, Jake Paul has certainly made quite the impact on the sweet science.

The YouTuber has racked up a clean 6-0 record, has defeated some stellar names from the world of mixed martial arts, and has proven himself to be a box office draw. As a result, he’s on the radar of being ranked in the Cruiserweight division, even though he still has that asterisk of not fighting a ‘real’ boxer just yet. 

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Two boxing associations – the WBC and WBA – have suggested that Jake would get a ranking in his division, provided he could beat an actual boxer. Though, the latter have also crowned him with a unique world ‘title’. 

Jake Paul given boxing belt for work with women’s boxing

The YouTuber-turned-boxer was a guest at the WBA’s Centennial Convention in Orlando, Florida on December 13 when they made the presentation to him – handing Jake a ‘title’ belt to praise the work he’s done for women’s boxing. 

Well, things took an awkward turn when Jake was handed the microphone to give a speech about the award. “I’m honored, for real. I feel like I haven’t earned this yet though. I feel like I have to actually fight for this. I don’t know. This isn’t mine yet, I’m gonna use it as motivation,” Jake said, trying to hand the title back. 

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He eventually took the belt, though, thanking the WBA for the prize and stating that he aims to fight for an actual WBA championship before long. 

Naturally, some boxing fans haven’t taken kindly to Jake’s award. Boxing has so many meaningless belts, this ain’t a surprise,” said one. “Boxing is getting further and further away from being a serious sport,” added another. “I’ve never felt more embarrassed for the sport of boxing,” another commented.

In terms of getting an actual belt, The Problem Child has a few fight offers out in the wild for 2023, but hasn’t yet named an opponent for his next bout. Though, fans want to see him fight Tommy Fury at long last.

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