Asmongold claims Twitch star Nadia should be “permanently banned” over doxxing drama

Twitch streamers Asmongold and NadiaTwitch: Asmongold / YouTube: Nadia

After Twitch star Nadia ‘Nadia’ Amine was temporarily banned on the Amazon-owned platform for “sharing personal information”, fellow streamer ‘Asmongold’ expressed his brutally honest opinions, stating Nadia should have been permanently banned.

Nadia was temporarily banned on Twitch on December 14 — with many early fingers pointing towards the countless Call of Duty cheating accusations she’s faced online.

However according to her Twitter post, she was banned for 14 days for “sharing personal information”. Nadia was swiftly unbanned after just 6 hours, not even serving a full day of her sentence.

The exact reason she was banned was for revealing a donator’s full name on stream, which many labeled as doxxing. By providing the full name of a donator, they’re left vulnerable to very real threats from viewers.

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In the video, she states “usually people will donate a dollar to me and hate. Daddyslayer, I know you use your name as Daddyslayer, and you said ‘enjoy using cheats,’ but what you don’t know is that when you donate money to me on PayPal, it actually gives me your full name.”

She then reveals his full name on Twitch multiple times, concluding by saying, “whatever reason, you find time to actually do something in your f**king life. Because now you look like a f**king idiot.”

The ban has divided Twitch’s top stars though. Asmongold believes the streamer should have been permanently banned for her actions: “I watched the clip, she intentionally doxxed him,” he stated.

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“Should be a permaban without even a question, Amazing that Twitch is struggling with this.”

Many agreed with Asmongold’s sentiment. But he took it one step further, calling on his Twitch community to report Nadia’s channel to get her banned again: “I think everyone should report her channel, and she should get banned perma, for sure. At least for a few months.”

Twitch has an policy on doxxing in their official guidelines, which states: “Doxxing of any kind is prohibited by Twitch’s Community Guidelines — even if the perpetrators only expose information available via the public record. 

“If your personally identifiable information (PII) is released on Twitch without your consent, you can file a report and we will investigate and enforce against the doxxer if appropriate.”

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