Jake Paul claims Hasim Rahman Jr. fight is chance to prove he’s a real professional boxer

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Despite his pristine 5-0 record, Jake Paul feels his upcoming bout against Hasim Rahman Jr. is his chance to prove he is a real professional boxer.

The younger Paul brother stepped into the ring for his first official boxing match in 2020 against fellow YouTube star AnEsonGib. Winning by a TKO, Jake Paul would fall in love with the sport,  pouring himself into it and abandoning content creation.

He would go on to compete in four more fights in 2020-2021. Knocking out NBA star Nate Robinson and former MMA champion Ben Askren, he would then face another former MMA champion, Tyron Woodley. Their first bout would end in a win for Paul by split decision, but their rematch would end in round six as Woodley’s limp body hit the mat solidifying another victory for Jake.

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But despite his wins and obvious boxing prowess, Jake Paul is still scrutinized by the boxing community. He has yet to fight a real boxer or a fighter close to his age, but that’s about to change come August.

Jake Paul and Hasim RahmanInstagram: Jake Paul
Paul and Rahman Jr. were once sparring partners.

Jake Paul’s chance to prove himself

Paul has been looking to face a ‘real boxer’ to finally prove he belongs in the community. He was slated to fight Tommy Fury, a professional boxer from the UK, in December of 2021. However, the fight fell through and was rescheduled for August 2022. But after Fury claimed he couldn’t get into the United States, the fight fell through a second time.

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But Paul had another pro-boxer ready to fight if Fury were to back out. The heavyweight boxer with a 12-1 record Hasim Rahman Jr. has agreed to step into the ring with Jake Paul on August 6, 2022.

In an interview with The New York Times, Jake was asked if there was any added excitement for this fight since Rahman is an actual boxer. To which Jake responded, “Yeah, exactly. And that’s been the biggest criticism. ‘Fight a real boxer, fight a real boxer. Fight someone who’s around your age. Fight someone your weight.”

The 25-year-old continued, “I’m doing all of that now. He’s 12-1, comes from a legendary bloodline, is a heavyweight, so he’s actually bigger and taller than me. And I’m going to go out there and show the world that I’m a professional boxer.”

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He went on to explain this fight will earn him another title in his already long list of titles. Paul claims he’s a YouTuber, a professional boxer, a TikToker, a former landscaper, and a multiplatinum record producer.

Jake Paul is set to face the son of the former heavyweight champion Hasim Rahman at Madison Square Garden on August 6. Whether he wins or loses, this is Paul’s chance to prove he’s got what it takes to make it in this sport.