Jake Paul vs Hasim Rahman Jr. boxing match is struggling to sell tickets


The Jake Paul vs Hasim Rahman Jr. bout scheduled to take place on August 6 is reportedly struggling to make sales.

Paul is set to face Hasim Rahman Jr. at Madison Square Garden, but despite his large fanbase, many tickets remain unsold for the match.

Recently, fans were complaining about the PPV prices being too expensive, calling the event “a massive rip-off.” To watch the pay-per-view on Showtime, you would need to pay $60 (similar price to some stadium tickets), which even caught KSI by surprise.

Since then, KSI manager Mams Taylor claimed that the match has “barely” sold 50% of its tickets.

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Jake Paul vs Hasim Rahman tickets

While Paul is hoping to sell 20,000 tickets in his sixth boxing match, based on Ticketmaster listings, it is not going as well as The Problem Child would have hoped.

As shown below, the availability of tickets remains pretty high, with the event being just around the corner. This shows the seats that are still available to purchase, as prices range between $56 for standard and over $2,000 for VIP packages.

ticketmaster tickets for jake paul fightTicketmaster
This is how many seats were still available on July 27, 2022.

Blue seats mean they are available, while gray and white seats indicate that they have been sold. As it stands, it would be very easy to get a ticket for the event.

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Jake Paul talks ticket sales

Despite this, Paul is still confident that he can sell all 20,000 tickets, as he previously told his opponent: “I don’t do this sport to spar. I do this sport to fight. When he gets under the lights at Madison Square Garden in front of 20,000 fans, you’ll see what the result is.”

The Executive Vice President at The Garden, Joel Fisher, seems to agree with Paul, as he believes there’ll be no issue regarding the event.

“Jake is an incredibly great partner. He’s really into the business of boxing and a real supporter of women’s boxing” he said during the press conference.

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He continued: “But we also know that Jake is into boxing. He’s passionate about it. I’m sure he’s in tremendous shape.”

The boxing match between Paul and Rahman Jr. takes place on August 6. With just over a week to go, will Paul’s wish to sell out Madison Square Garden be fulfilled? We’ll have to wait and see.