KSI explains “fear” of fighting Jake Paul too soon

KSI explains why he doesnt want to fight jake paul soonYouTube: Anthony Pompliano, SIdemen Reacts

YouTube star KSI explained his worries about fighting rival influencer Jake Paul in the near future, saying he worries about the interest surrounding influencer boxing after their highly-anticipated match.

British rapper, YouTuber, and businessman KSI is gearing up for his next boxing match against mixed martial artist Dillon Danis in January.

That being said, he’s had his eyes on another opponent for years now — ‘The Problem Child’ Jake Paul, little bro to KSI’s business partner Logan Paul, and one of the biggest names in the influencer boxing game.

The two have been butting heads for some time and appeared to agree to a bout in 2023, although nothing more has been said about this supposed fight in some time.

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Although KSI is training for a different opponent for January 14, his fight with Jake looms on the horizon… but it looks like the rapper is experiencing some hesitation regarding his highly-anticipated bout with the youngest Paul brother.

KSI admits to “fear” around influencer-boxing interest after Jake Paul fight

He explained his worries during a sports physio appointment uploaded to YouTube on December 6, saying he fears that interest in influencer-boxing might seriously wane after their bout finally happens.

“That’s why, when I came back, I wanted to build it with Misfits,” he began, referencing his long absence from the ring at the start of the pandemic. “That’s why I’m always gonna be so close.”

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“Even after I fight Jake and I put the gloves up, you never know, man. If someone excites me in the YouTube space and makes me want to come back to fight again, I’ll do that on Misfits. I’m here to help build the whole scene.”

“That’s one of the reasons why I didn’t wanna fight Jake so soon or so instantly,” he continued. “Because I do know that is a fear of mine, as soon as I fight Jake, it’s done. If I just cared about making money, then I would’ve fought Jake yesterday.”

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It’s unclear if KSI is referencing a possible fight in 2023 or not; it’s been speculated that KSI will take three fights next year, with his last being against Jake.

Considering his latest comments, and the fact that fans haven’t heard hide nor hair of any more negotiations between KSI and Jake, it’s unclear when, or if, we’ll see these two face off in the ring next year — but it is certain that KSI wants to stick around to help build up the scene in the interim.