Jake Paul & Paddy Pimblett face-off finally set as fight rumors persist

YouTube: Mola/Jake Paul

Jake Paul and Paddy ‘The Baddy’ Pimblett have seemingly inked a date for when they’ll come face to face, but it still remains to be seen if they’ll actually square off in a fight. 

Ever since he defeated Anderson ‘The Spider’ Silva at the end of October, Jake Paul has been on the hunt for his next opponent. While Tommy Fury appeared to be in the frame for that, ‘The Problem Child’ has gone after a few other names as well. 

Rising UFC star Paddy ‘The Baddy’ Pimblett has gotten into Jake’s crosshairs, with the two going back and forth in some trash talk. It even got to a point where Jake offered the Scouser $1 million for a sparring session. 

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Pimblett, who isn’t exactly renowned for his boxing skills, was open to making it happen while he’s in Las Vegas for UFC 282. Jake, though, wants to do it in Puerto Rico when he’s in his training camp. However, it appears the two have finally set a date for when they’ll come face to face. 

Jake Paul and Paddy Pimblett face to face date set

That was revealed by Pimblett in his latest YouTube vlog, documenting his pre-fight process in getting ready to travel from Liverpool to Vegas. 

He addressed Jake’s claims about an apparent sparring session throughout the video, tipping his cap to the YouTuber-turned-boxer for what he’s achieved. He also confirmed Jake’s claims that they’ll be meeting in January.

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“The only thing with Jake Paul is that he wants it on his terms, he’ll never have it with someone on an even playing field,” Pimblett said, noting he’s never really been a boxer. “Jake Paul is booked in to do my podcast on the 5th of January. He’s not stupid, he knows what he’s doing. Give him his due, he’s quite smart.”

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There’s been no indication that the two will square off soon, especially given that Pimblett is focusing on a big-time pay-per-view clash. 

It’s certainly something that fans are eager to see, and both men are all about creating content, so maybe we’ll see something happen when they come face to face.

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