Twitch is working on a “less interruptive” way to serve ads to viewers

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Streaming service Twitch is looking to revamp their ad program, introducing a bigger emphasis on Stream Display ads as a way to combat disruption issues and community backlash.

Much discussion has been had this past year about Twitch’s push for the inclusion of ads during streams. The streaming service has been battling with their community on the use of ads on Twitch, constantly changing and updating the way they are implemented. 

One of the biggest criticisms of ads on Twitch is their disruptive nature when it comes to viewers simply wanting to sit back and enjoy content. As a way to combat this issue, Twitch have revealed plans to change up the use of ads to make the experience “less interruptive” for viewers. The full details are accessible via a blog post on the Twitch support page

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Stream Display Ads to play a bigger role on Twitch

“Stream Display Ads (SDAs) are 15-second display ads that show on channels. Viewers are able to see and hear creators while these ads are displayed. Creators don’t have to do anything different to use them.”

“Ads are important to Twitch, and to our community. We’ve heard the feedback that ads are too interruptive, and we want creators to have the opportunity to earn additional income via advertising while building their communities, without the interruption that comes with standard video ads.”

Part of this chance will see the service “experimenting” with how their Stream Display ads operate. “Starting in December 2022, we’re experimenting with an update to Stream Display Ads (SDAs) to make them even less interruptive. Select viewers will notice an update to SDAs.”

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These ads may vary in length as the platform irons out what amount of time works best for Twitch. However, they are likely to last for a short amount of time. It is also important to note that while the ads are playing, streamers will still be able to engage with their viewers and chat rather than the ad putting a hold on the stream while it plays out.

These ads will also only appear depending on the current ad display set up that each individual content creator has. “Stream Display Ads will follow the same rules creators have set for their channels. So, if a creator offers ad-free viewing for subscribers, Stream Display Ads will not be shown to subscribers.”

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