Forspoken demo backfires as gameplay convinces gamers not to buy it

Forspoken gameplay trailer sceneYouTube: PlayStation

Forspoken cannot catch a break ever since it was first announced and the gaming community is once again giving it a hard time after experiencing the demo.

Forspoken continues to divide the gaming community. The demo released a couple of days ago and disappointed many players, who are now convinced they will skip the January 2023 release of the game.

In fact, players are now coming together to dunk on the “cringe” dialogue found in Forspoken. This is following a reveal trailer that stuck out to many due to great visual effects and an exciting combat system.

Now once again Forspoken is facing a wave of criticism, as it seems like the majority of people who decided to try out its demo were not satisfied with the gameplay.

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Players disappointed by Forspoken’s gameplay

“Felt pretty mediocre to be honest, one thing I liked was the traversal and parkour. Just not for me, I guess,” commented one user on Twitter. But this sentiment was pretty much the overwhelming majority of reactions toward the game.

The Resetera thread features a pool gauging the users’ reactions, with 55% of them agreeing that they “did not like the demo”, while the minority of 26% liked it. Further 18% of users claim it’s not worth the full price, with a further 12% opting for the “it reminds me of Babylon’s Fall” option.

“Enjoyed it. Reminded me of Infamous a little, took a few mins to get used to the combat, but after I got the hang of it I was having a good time,” reads one of the fewer positive responses.

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Some gamers agree that it might not be the title’s fault to some degree, but performance issues got in the way. While others noticed that devs picked a very strange “vertical slice” for the demo, not letting the game shine.