Warzone 2 players furious over frustrating ‘random weapon’ buy station bug

Warzone 2 buy stationActivision

Warzone players have begun desperately pleading to devs via Twitter for a fix to a buy station bug that gives you a random weapon when buying your loadouts.

Despite all the hype, Warzone 2 launched with a number of bugs and headaches that many players hoped wouldn’t impact the game for too long.

One of those things was a bug with buy stations, which gives you a seemingly random weapon when you bought your loadout.

Some desperate players have taken to pleading with the Call of Duty devs on Twitter for a fix, but it seems to be a low-priority issue as it hasn’t yet been addressed. The bug is not new either, as it has been in Warzone 2 pretty much since launch.

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Warzone 2 bug turns buy station into a mystery box

Others have taken to Reddit to try and drum up awareness for the issue. “I get this and this is the first thing I have found on all of the internet mentioning this issue,” commented one of the users, surprised that the bug is not making waves throughout the community.

Some users seemingly figured out the secret behind this nasty issue. “Fill all your loadout slots. If you delete any or have less than 10, the kits get bugged out,” suggested one.

Deleting all your custom load-outs and creating them from scratch also seems to do the trick when fixing this issue.

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It seems like Activision and other devs working on Warzone 2 will have their hands full for the foreseeable future. But there are still a number of things giving players headaches, including an issue that gives players free UAVs. Or the massive outcry of the community against the two-hit melee system and demands for a change.