Scump weighs in on Nadia’s Warzone cheating drama: “She’s thriving”

Scump next to NadiaYT: OpTic / Twitch: Nadia

Call of Duty legend Seth ‘Scump’ Abner has weighed in on the ongoing Warzone cheating accusations being levelled at streamer Nadia, claiming she is handling it like a “genius.”

The Warzone hacking accusations being thrown the way of streamer Nadia have dominated the community’s discourse in recent weeks. 

From Censor’s bizarre ‘proposal’ to Shroud’s lack of interest, it seems everyone has something to say on the situation. 

During the October 6 edition of the OpTic podcast, CoD esports legend Scump weighed in with his thoughts, striking a similar chord to Ninja

Scump claims Nadia is “genius” amid Warzone cheating allegations

Like the famous streamer, Scump described Nadia’s handling of all the attention as “genius,” claiming that she’s “thriving” off the back of them. 

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After the subject was broached by H3CZ, Scump quickly made plain his admiration for Nadia, suggesting that those doubling down on accusations against her without proof are foolish. 

“Well, she does it to herself also. She leans into it hard,” he said. “That’s why I’m saying it’s genius. She literally does it to herself because she knows it’s getting her views. It’s genius… Every TikTok “I’m cheating look at this!” And you know how many f**king morons are out there [thinking] she’s actually doing it?” 

Timestamp: 25:16

He finished: “And then they tell their friends ‘yeah she’s fucking cheating she’s not this good.’ Like, it’s genius … it’s genius because they believe it and she’s thriving off it.” 

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Fellow OpTic members Hitch and MBoZe echoed Scump’s comments, suggesting that those making the accusations are simply helping Nadia grow her brand and reputation. 

Regardless, the accusations look set to rattle on and on.