Nadia denies being banned on Warzone after getting locked out of Activision account

Warzone streamer Nadia on InstagramInstagram: nadiakamine

Warzone streamer Nadia Amine is locked out of her Activision account. First, she assured fans it has nothing to do with cheating, but the lock-out allegedly escalated into a shadow-ban.

Cheating allegations have clouded Nadia’s rise to fame as a Warzone streamer. Doug ‘Censor’ Martin leaked messages between them and threatened to expose her if she was cheating. Censor’s video ended up being a proposal to Nadia rather than evidence of her cheating.

Censor received harsh criticism for his handling of the Nadia allegations, which didn’t help answer questions. The allegations reached a boiling point when Nadia was accused of cheating at Call of Duty Next, but she shared full-length clips that discredited all claims.

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Just as we thought things might be in the clear, Nadia revealed she was locked out of her Activision account and then shadow-banned soon after.

warzone player holding gunActivision
Warzone Season 5 Reloaded is the final major update before Warzone 2.

Nadia reveals being locked out of Activision account

During a Twitch Livestream on October 4, Nadia shared that she is locked out of her main Activision account.

She said at the 6:50 mark of the stream, “I’m not banned. I think I have signed in to too many accounts, and for some reason, the verification process is not letting me sign in. I should get my account back tomorrow.”

Nadia reached out to Activision, and they allegedly responded, “this has been escalated to our support. I’m not sure about the timeframe, but usually, they are pretty quick, and I tagged an urgent tag on it.”

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Nadia has been streaming from different content creators’ setups to help clear her name. On October 1, she streamed from the Nuke Squad House, and on October 4, she streamed from the Full Squad Gaming house.

Full Squad Gaming tweeted, “we were planning to announce a gameplay test on a clean PC setup today with Nadia. However, we ran into a roadblock when setting up last night – Nadia’s Activision account was locked out.”

Nadia allegedly shadow-banned from Warzone

Jake Lucky shared a clip from Nadia’s October 4 stream, and she revealed she is shadow-banned from Warzone.

“It says it is not eligible for appeal,” Nadia said. “Games under review for Warzone and Modern Warfare. Chat, I’m shadow-banned”

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Shadow-banning is blocking a user from a social media site or online forum without their knowledge. Nadia is still able to stream, and play from other Activision accounts, but she is unable to log in to her own.

She previously stated that Activision responded and was looking into the issue. We will provide an update if Nadia gets access back to her account.