Best Iron Moth 5 & 6-star Tera Raid build in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet

iron moth in wild

Iron Moth, another Violet-exclusive Pokemon that dominates Tera Raids, is one of the best Special Attackers in Gen 9, and here’s how to build it.

Regarding which Gen 9 game has the better exclusives, there’s always a debate among players. But in terms of Tera Raid viability, Pokemon Violet has the upper hand. Especially when considering the new Past & Future Paradox Pokemon.

And near the top of the list is Iron Moth. The future paradox form of Vulcarona is a Fire/Poison-type Violet exclusive that can carry raids on its metal back. Whether you’re raiding alone or with friends, Iron Moth’s type coverage and moveset make it an absolute Special Attacking powerhouse.

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Best Iron Moth Tera Raid build

Iron Moth is a Fire/Poison-type making it pretty strong for a myriad of Tera Raids. And with its mix of Special Attacks and stat-changing moves, this Pokemon will have no problem flying through Tera Raids.

Moves like Acid Spray will deal damage while lowering the boss’s Special Defense by two stages, and Fiery Dance deals damage while boosting Iron Moth’s Special Attack. Paired with a move like Sludge Wave, which deals massive Poison damage, it makes for a deadly combo.

And when in a pinch, players can opt for Morning Sun to restore Iron Moth’s health. And a Lum Berry as the held item can cure Iron Moth of any Status Effects.

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PokemonLevelMovesetAbilityHeld ItemNature
Iron Moth100Fiery Dance Acid Spray Morning Sun Sludge WaveQuark DriveLum Berry or Booster EnergyModest

Best Iron Moth Moveset

  • Fiery Dance – learned at level 56
  • Acid Spray – learned at level 1
  • Morning Sun – learned at level 70
  • Sludge Wave – learned at level 49
  • Metal Sound – learned at level 63
  • Overheat – learned at level 91

Best EVs and IVs for Iron Moth

Trainers will want to focus on Iron Moth’s HP, Special Attack, and Special Defense. These can be EV trained by purchasing HP Up, Calcium, and Zinc from the Chansey Supply store.

These IVs, along with others if the player has enough Bottle Caps, can be Hyper Trained by the NPC near the Pokecenter in Montenerva. Bottle Caps can be purchased from Delibird Presents for $20,000 after beating the sixth gym.

How to use Iron Moth in Tera Raids

Iron Moth is one of the simplest Pokemon to use in Tera Raid battles. Use Acid Spray to deal damage while lowering the boss’s Special Defense. Switch to Fiery Dance to deal even more damage while boosting your Special Attack.

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Once stats are raised/lowered enough, use a stronger move like Sludge Wave to deal massive amounts of damage. And to get out of trouble, use Morning Sun to regain health.

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