The Umbrella Academy Season 4 cut down to just 6 episodes on Netflix

Umbrella Academy season fourNetflix

Netflix’s The Umbrella Academy will be back for a fourth and final season — but only for six episodes. This last outing will include significantly less episodes than what fans were expecting, leaving many disappointed.

The Umbrella Academy has become one of Netflix’s flagship shows since it first debuted on the streaming service back in February 2019.

Since then, actor Elliot Page and the rest of the cast were quick to win over the hearts of fans for their portrayals of the superhero siblings and their dysfunctional but endearing family dynamic. 

Back in August 2022, it was confirmed the Umbrella’s would be back for a fourth and final season. And while there hasn’t been much else revealed about the final outing yet, it has now been announced that the last season will be a bit shorter than what fans have been initially anticipating.

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The Umbrella Academy: Season 4 will only be six episodes 

The fourth season of The Umbrella Academy will only be six episodes long. This news was confirmed by series showrunner and executive producer Steve Blackman via Twitter.

Blackman revealed the news after replying to a fan that refused to believe the final season was going to consist of only six episodes. Blackman confirmed the six-episode season, saying, “It’s true. But you’re going to love them.”

All three of the previous seasons had 10 episodes each in them, meaning the fourth and final season will almost have half the amount of episodes than what fans were expecting.

However, the runtime of each of these six episodes is still yet to be confirmed. Season 4 of The Umbrella Academy could then follow a similar structure to Stranger Things in that it will have fewer episodes but each will be longer than normal.

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