Pokemon Ultimate Journeys special episode 137 preview teases Ash’s Dad

Pokemon Ultimate Journeys episode 137The Pokemon Company

Pokemon Ultimate Journeys concluded with episode 136, offering a look into the upcoming special episodes – and viewers may finally find out what happened to Ash’s long-lost father.

After much anticipation, Pokemon Ultimate Journeys has finally come to an emotionally-charged conclusion. Episode 136 starts out with Ash and Goh ready to battle the Legendary Lugia and ends with a glimpse at the special episodes that will bring Ash’s long journey to a close.

The pacing of the episode is quick, with the fight against Lugia ending after only a few minutes. Afterward, the pair are swept up on Lugia’s back, where it takes them to see Ho-oh as it is passing by. Riding on his back, the pair make amends for their fight, agreeing that they will both go on new journeys after returning back to the lab.

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After a going away party is thrown, and Chloe explains that she will take their place as a lab “fellow” to help Professor Cerise, Ash and Goh head off to bed. They wake the next day and immediately head out, leaving most of their Pokemon in the care of the Professor and the lab’s assistants.

Ash and Goh finally part ways in Pokemon Ultimate Journeys

Pokemon Ultimate Journeys Release Date Netflix US EnglishThe Pokemon Company

Despite it looking as if the pair were going to stick together, Ash and Goh end up saying their goodbyes at a fork in the road. Goh heads off to Kanto, and Ash goes in the opposite direction, searching for a new adventure.

After separating, the credits on the episode roll, providing viewers with a short epilogue that includes Chloe’s work at the lab, Ash’s battles, and Goh meeting Misty.

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While the conclusion is emotional, there is hope Ash, Goh, and Chloe will meet again in the special episodes that will wrap up Ash’s story as the main Pokemon anime protagonist. The viewers are told by the narrator that the story isn’t over, and it is likely their paths will cross again in the future.

Pokemon special episode preview teases Ash’s Dad

After the Pokemon Ultimate Journeys episode credits conclude, a short preview can be seen that teases the next step in Ash’s journey. Currently, it isn’t clear if this will be episode 137 of Pokemon Ultimate Journeys, or if these specials will stand as their own mini-season.

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In the preview, Ash can be seen meeting with bundles of Pikachu and riding a Gyarados. However, one specific and short scene could hold the answer to a decades-long mystery.

Pokemon Ultimate Journeys Episode 137 preview (1)The Pokemon Company
A silhouette from the Pokemon special episode preview

The snapshot shows an image of three silhouettes. One is clearly a younger Ash Ketchum, standing between what could be both his mother and father. The identity and location of Ash’s dad has remained an unanswered mystery throughout the course of the anime.

With Ash set to be replaced by new protagonists for the Scarlet & Violet anime, finding out the last interesting facts about Ash before the end of his story would be a great way for fans to conclude their journey with him.

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