“Karen” shopper loses it as attempt to return worn underwear completely fails

Shopper loses it after not being able to exchange worn underwearTIKTOK: chaneljalice

An elderly woman went viral on TikTok after berating an employee that wouldn’t let her exchange her used underwear.

In a video recorded by a store employee, the woman was seen trying to reach over the customer service counter to grab a stack of clothing that she wanted to exchange other clothes for.

Another employee snatched the clothes away, and asked the shopper to leave. “Leave my store, goodbye,” she told her. “Leave my store, ma’am. I’m telling you, I’m not the one you want to do this with.”

The woman, deemed a “Karen,” tried to go around the counter to grab the clothes, but the employee stopped her, and continuously asked her to leave.

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“You’re too old for this, just leave my store,” the worker said. “You’re way too old for this. You’re way too old for this.”

After refusing to leave, the woman told the employees to call security, so she’d tell them what they’re doing to her. The customer then reached out to grab the pile of clothes again, as another employee told her to exit the store.

The second employee began recording the woman as well, but the shopper slapped her phone away.

The employees eventually escorted her of the store, as she made one last attempt to snatch the clothing out of the second employee’s hands.

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In a follow-up video, the two store workers explained that the elderly woman was rude from the moment she entered. They also said she didn’t have Alzheimer’s or Dementia, which some TikTok users previously suggested.

The second employee revealed that when the customer first came to the store, she helped her buy the Spanx that she was trying to exchange in the clip.

“You can not return underwear. Do you go to Victoria’s Secret and try on underwear and put it back? No, that’s nasty,” she said in the story time video.

According to the TikToker, Chanel, the woman was acting erratic, and eventually got in the second employee’s face, threatening to call the police. This prompted Chanel to start recording the first video, which went viral with 7.9 million views.

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