Woman gets kicked out of Uber after her boyfriend canceled trip mid-ride

Woman gets kicked out of Uber after her boyfriend canceled trip mid-rideTIKTOK: eddieneverready/UNSPLASH: Viktor Avdeev Hire

An Uber driver went viral on TikTok for posting a video of himself kicking out a passenger after her boyfriend canceled her trip mid-ride.

In a viral clip with over 3.2 million views, content creator Eddie (eddieneverready) shared the dashcam footage, which showed the moment his passenger found out her boyfriend canceled her ride.

Eddie immediately informed the woman that the trip was canceled, while she was on the phone with her beau. According to the driver, her significant other said he would just pay him cash upon his arrival.

The Uber driver told the rider that this wasn’t be allowed, and he’d have to kick her out of the car, as he wouldn’t be covered in the event of an accident.

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Uber driver forced to kick passenger out of car

Eddie continued to drive until he found a safe location to let her out, and informed her that there was nothing more he can do. The woman complied and exited his vehicle.

“Who the hell cancels their girlfriends Uber during the ride,” the driver wrote in a text-overlay of the clip. “The boyfriend said he’ll pay me cash when I get there I heard him over the phone…yeah right and when I get there and taking a chan[c]e not getting paid,” he wrote in the caption.

Many TikTok users condemned Uber for allowing the option to cancel a ride in the middle of a trip.

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“This is Uber’s fault, for allowing to cancel a trip when obviously it’s been already accepted. They need to adjust things.” one commented.

“Uber should not allow a cancellation when the car is in motion,” another added.

Some sympathized with the woman for being let out in an unfamiliar destination at night.

“I wouldn’t feel right leaving a person out in the dark,” one shared. “Y’all don’t understand how scary this is to be dropped at a random place that’s not your destination,” another wrote.

Others claimed this was a common scam that a lot of riders try to pull on drivers.

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“This is a common scam. Instead of questioning why her bf canceled she questions why you won’t keep driving… both in on it to try to get a free ride,” one commented.

“They assumed you wouldn’t kick her out because it’s dark and she’s a woman,” someone else added. “It’s a scam, you did the right thing.”