Man stunned as footage of him stealing from store ruins job interview

Man stunned as footage of him stealing from store ruins job interviewTIKTOK: kieyin

A job applicant was left speechless when the company that was interviewing him showed footage of him stealing from the store he was applying to.

TikToker Kian admitted to stealing from an unnamed retail store, only for him to then decide to apply for a job there at a later date. Unfortunately for him, this store had security cameras installed.

In a viral video with over 330,000 views, Kian said that the people interviewing him for the job decided to show him the camera footage of him shoplifting from their store.

“When I went for a job interview and they showed me footage of me stealing from them,” he wrote in a text overlay of the 5-second clip, as he put his hand over his mouth and moved his head around in despair.

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TikTok reacts to job applicant getting caught stealing by employers

TikTok users in the comments shared their thoughts on the situation, with many saying Kian’s likely not allowed to apply to certain stores in the future for this reason.

“There goes Wal-Mart, Costco, dollar store, Domino’s, shoppers, Hot Topic, Claire’s, and a few others,” one wrote.

“There goes 2 Walmarts, 3 crystal shops, and MULTIPLE dollar generals,” another quipped. “Not gonna be able to work retail chains,” a third added.

Others shared how they would react if something similar happened to them.

“The way I would’ve lied and said that’s my twin or triplet,” one user commented. “Just tell them to take it out of the first paycheck,” a second joked.

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“If they did this to me I would simply die the second I recognize myself on the footage,” someone else shared.

In the caption of his video, the TikToker revealed that he did not get the job he applied for, which is not surprising considering his interviewers caught him shoplifting.

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