Woman starts “2022 Dating Wrapped” TikTok trend with wild Tinder dating fails

Woman shares genius “2022 Dating Wrapped” PowerPoint of her dating failsTIKTOK: amberwavesofbrain

A woman went viral on TikTok after sharing a hilarious Powerpoint presentation of all her dating fails from 2022.

Inspired by Spotify Wrapped, which sends listeners their music streaming history, TikToker Amber created her own “dating wrapped” to showcase her 2022 romances.

“If there’s one thing I know about me it’s that I love a PowerPoint and, apparently, a first date, because I went on 18 this year,” Amber began in her video, as she revealed a slideshow.

Clicking to the next slide, she displayed a pie chart showing exactly where she found her suitors.

“I met one in the wild. We kissed in a bar on New Year’s Eve and things really went downhill from there. Tinder and Hinge split pretty evenly and formed the bulk of the first dates,” she shared.

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As for the money, she spent a total of $368.36 on the dates, with drinks taking up 33.3% and dinner 22.2% of the expenses.

“I wish I had not calculated this number as what could I have done with this money? Literally, anything would have been better,” she admitted.

Amber still hasn’t found love and revealed she ended nearly 50% of the relationships, with the men ending 33.3%. She also noted that 16.7% of these ended up being mutual decisions.

The singleton concluded the video by asking if she’d learned anything after a year of dating and said, “probably not.”

Her dating analysis video went viral with over 3.4 million views, as TikTok users took to the comments to praise Amber for her openness.

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“Probably the first PowerPoint I paid attention to from start to finish,” one wrote. “I now expect a PowerPoint every year. Thank you very much,” another commented.

“This is actually genius,” a third added. “I can definitely see this becoming a new trend.”