Mom stunned as she spots two black eyes staring at her through Christmas tree

Mom stunned as she spots two black eyes staring at her through Christmas treeTIKTOK: gina_premmama

A woman went viral on TikTok after discovering two ‘creepy’ black eyes staring at her from inside her Christmas tree.

Content creator Gina (gina_premmama) got the fright of her life after spotting a mysterious creature hiding in the branches of her festive fir.

In a 13-second clip with almost 3 million views, the woman filmed her shocking discovery, as she cautiously used a broomstick to pull back the branches of her tree.

As she moved the branches aside, a pair of tiny beady eyes were seen peering back at her amidst the Christmas lights and snow-frosted branches.

The unidentified little creature sat still, and appeared almost as terrified as Gina, as Michael Bublé’s ‘It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas’ played in the background.

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“Thought I was seeing thing,” Gina wrote in a text-overlay of the viral video, while the caption simply read “Help!!!!!!”

TikTok users rushed to the comments to share what they would’ve done if they were in Gina’s shoes.

“The way I would’ve simply set the whole tree on fire,” one user wrote. “Open the door and throw the whole tree away!” another added.

“I would have destroyed the whole tree in a panic,” a third shared, while another said they would’ve “died on the spot.”

Others, however, did not find the little creature scary, but rather cute.

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“Adorable, rescue them, name them and keep them,” one commented. “So cute, he wants to be a decoration!” another wrote.

“Awwww he deserves a Christmas too,” a third added.

In a follow-up video, Gina revealed that the animal was actually a mouse. She filmed her two cats chasing the critter, before she safely placed it outside.

“No mouse was harmed in the making of this video,” she said. “He’s safely outside now along with my Christmas tree.”