Airbnb guest leaves viewers concerned after exploring ‘creepy’ hidden basement

Airbnb guest leaves viewers concerned after exploring 'creepy' hidden basementTIKTOK: kitmonstaa

A guest went viral on TikTok after discovering and exploring a ‘creepy’ secret basement in his Airbnb.

Content creator kitmonstaa and his friends discovered their Airbnb came with an eerie hidden basement room, which viewers compared to scenes from the horror flick ‘Barbarian.’

In a viral clip with 4.4 million views, one of the guests moved aside a rug to reveal a long glass trap door. Under the glass, a wooden ladder can be seen dropping down into a deep, dark pit.

Though users in the comments urged the TikToker and his friends not to explore the secret room, kitmonstaa decided to against their wishes.

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In a follow-up video, the glass panel was lifted out, and the guests proceeded to climb down and uncover the mysterious room beneath.

When they got to the basement, they discovered a whole other room filled with either a heating or air conditioning system, exposed wires, some wooden chairs, and various other pieces of furniture.

TikTok viewers worried over guests exploring Airbnb secret room

In the comments under the follow-up clip, many TikTok users found the basement room unsettling.

“Yea…immediately would’ve turned back around and left as fast as possible,” one wrote.

“I would never after watching Barbarian,” another added. “This is like the number one thing you don’t do in a horror movie,” a third shared.

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“Like that’s fine for a crawl space but clear doors and chairs???” someone commented, disturbed by the furniture in the mysterious room.

Others were concerned for the content creator and his friends, wondering why they haven’t posted another update.

“No updates? ARE YALL ALIVE?” one user wrote. “Yo y’all it’s been 3 days… are y’all good? or should I alert the authorities?” another asked.

“4 days have passed and now I’m getting worried. I hope we get an update soon,” a third commented.

At the time of writing, kitmonstaa hasn’t uploaded any new TikToks. Whether or not this is to build suspense after the eerie videos remains to be seen. Regardless, it seems viewers eager to see what the creepy room was all about will just have to keep waiting.

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