Horrified woman finds neighbor’s hamster chewing through wall into her bedroom

Horrified woman finds neighbor's hamster chewing through wall into her bedroomTIKTOK: kennabuchanan3

A TikToker was horrified after her neighbor’s hamster chewed through a wall and ended up in her apartment.

Content creator Kenna was baffled when she heard strange sounds coming from the wall to her bedroom. However, nothing could’ve prepared her for what she was about to witness.

In a viral TikTok with 2.1 million views, she documented the bizarre ordeal, revealing that the neighbor’s hamster, Linda, had eaten through the wall and ended up in her home.

“Noticing a weird noise coming from a small hole in my apartment,” she wrote over the video, while zooming in on the entrance.

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Kenna said she texted her roommate for “backup,” writing, “Help. There’s something digging into our apartment.”

Shortly after, the tiny critter began to make her appearance from the now-bigger hole.

“Entertaining night, the time my neighbor’s hamster chewed through our wall into my apartment,” Kenna captioned the video.

The clip went on to show the hamster poking her head out before being lured out of the hole with snacks. “Linda was successfully lured out with tortilla chips and returned to her owner,” Kenna assured viewers.

TikTok users flocked to the comments to share their thoughts on the hilarious ordeal.

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“‘Lured out with tortilla chips.’ Never have I related to a hamster more,” one quipped.

“As a Leasing agent, I would have started cackling if one of my residents came in and said this happened,” another shared.

“Lured with tortilla chips like happy hour at a Mexican restaurant. Get this hamster a margarita,” a third joked.

Others just couldn’t get over the hamster’s name.

“The fact that the hamster is named Linda is sending me into orbit,” one commented. “The fact that you know that your neighbor has a hamster, much less her name, makes me so happy,” another added.

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