TikToker stuns viewers after wearing see-through bodysuit to work Christmas party

TikToker stuns viewers after wearing see-through bodysuit to work Christmas partyTIKTOK: roanmclean

A TikToker left viewers divided after wearing a see-through Victoria’s Secret bodysuit to her work’s Christmas party.

Roan McLean, who boasts over 153,000 followers on TikTok, sparked a debate after revealing the outfit she was going to wear to her holiday work event.

In a viral video with 997,000 views, she shared her divisive look, which consisted of a black see-through lace catsuit with a two-piece black lingerie set.

“Get ready with me for a holiday party. I’m going to be styling this completely sheer catsuit from Victoria’s Secret,” Roan said in the clip, before posing in the see-through bodysuit.

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“I think I’m gonna do this Black Victoria’s Secret bra and black thong panty underneath. It’s just so flattering I can’t,” the TikToker added.

She admitted that the look was too inappropriate for a professional setting. However, after trying a skirt on over the top, she decided the combination didn’t work.

Eventually, Roan decided to brave the “scandalous” look by wearing the catsuit over the two-piece lingerie. She completed the look by braiding her hair, adding jewelry, and putting on a pink winter coat to keep the warm.

In the comments, TikTok users were divided over the outfit, with some saying it’s too revealing for a work party.

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“Too scandalous? Ya think,” one wrote. “I think we are going to different holiday parties,” another added.

“‘For the club but for Christmas party…naaah,” a third shared.

“Don’t take the coat off at the party,” a top commenter warned the influencer.

Others, however, didn’t understand why people were hating on the outfit.

“I’m BAFFLED by these negative comments. I’m sorry….WHAT? She looks literally incredible,” one said.

“I don’t know what you guys are seeing but she looks cool af to me” another commented.

“Office Christmas party look sorted,” someone else commented.