Secretlab Titan XL (2022) Overwatch 2 chair review: Genji brings the comfort

Secretlab Genji Chair Review header showing the chair in an officeSecretlab/Dexerto

Secretlab’s Titan XL Overwatch 2 chair collab adds painstaking attention to detail alongside what remains one of gaming’s finest thrones.

We reviewed the Secretlab Titan Evo 2022 chair earlier this year, and were mighty impressed. It’s a beast, and certainly a conversation starter, but Secretlab has built its reputation on not just excellent chairs, but thoughtfully designed collaborations, too.

Between crossovers with Batman, League of Legends, Fortnite, and plenty more, there are a wealth of options. And yet, the new Overwatch 2 collection may just be the best yet — and I can’t play Genji to save my life.

Secretlab Genji Chair Review image showing the back of the chairSecretlab/Dexerto


Secretlab chairs certainly cut a striking figure, and as you’d expect, the silhouette here is very much the same as the existing Titan lineup.

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It’s a “racing” chair, with a leatherette material that covers both the back and seat portions. Our review unit has the Premium Armrest cover, which can be swapped out with ease, and the armrests themselves can be raised, lowered, and turned inward or outward.

Secretlab Titan XL Genji chair press shotSecretlab

The chair itself can drop back with a side level, but if you’re a fidget like me you can unlock the backrest so it can move with you. There’s also a handy magnetic cushion that’s made of memory foam, and while it can slip down a little, it’s a more elegant solution than prior versions which had a strap go around the top of the chair.

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So, what about those Overwatch 2 details then? Well, it’s pretty obvious at first glance that this is themed around Genji. The nimble DPS character is represented through a lime green “V” that looks like his visor, and some other cool cybernetic-style iconography.

Secretlab Genji Chair memory foam cushionSecretlab/Dexerto
The detachable cushion is a nice touch.

It’s the back that’s perhaps most impressive, though, with intricate stitching in that same neon green showcasing Genji’s dragon spirit in painstaking detail. It really is impressive to behold and cements Secretlab’s designers as being top of their game.

Secretlab Genji Chair back showing stitchingSecretlab/Dexerto
The dragon on the back of the chair is intricately stitched.

Assembly and setup

That attention to Genji’s attributes actually carries over to the assembly instructions, which are presented on a sort of cardboard poster that showcases the hero alongside his abilities.

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Flip it over, and while things can look daunting at first it took around half an hour to assemble everything. We’d recommend having a second person help, though, as moving multiple pieces into place at once can take some fandangling.


Above all else, the Secretlab Titan XL Overwatch 2 chair is just as comfortable as, well, the standard Secretlab Titan XL.

That means it’s ideal for taller folks (I’m 6 foot 4), with height adjustment to ensure it fits under a desk. Even without the memory foam cushion, it feels comfortable while helping maintain posture throughout long periods.

Secretlab Titan XL Genji chair press shotSecretlab

That means that, despite struggling to do so with many chairs, I can sit in the Secretlab Titan XL Overwatch 2 chair for, say, eight or nine hours during a workday, and still feel comfortable enough to return to it for an evening playing games online.

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Should you buy it?

If you’re an Overwatch 2 player or a Genji main, and you’re looking for a new chair, then the Secretlab Titan XL Overwatch 2 chair is an easy decision.


It’s comfortable, looks great, and will last for years — even if you sit in it for as much as I did.

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