Black Friday PS5 monitor deal: $500 off a 32 inch Samsung Odyssey Neo G7

PS5 Gaming Monitor Black Friday Odyssey Neo G7Samsung

Looking for a Black Friday PS5 monitor deal? Get $500 off a Samsung Odyssey Neo G7, which is fully equipped with HDMI 2.1 for high framerates in competitive console and PC titles.

When looking at a gaming monitor, you’ll want your display to keep up with your actions in-game. That’s why this Black Friday PS5 monitor is packed to the gills with features perfect for esports gaming at 4K, up to 165Hz on PC. On PS5, you’ll be tapping out at a maximum of 120Hz due to the console’s own limitations. But, it’ll still be much better than any other monitor or TV that is not capable of having HDMI 2.1.

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Is this Black Friday PS5 Monitor deal worth it?

This Black Friday PS5 monitor deal is fantastic. Not only are you getting one of the best 4K gaming monitors around, but you’re also getting a fantastic 165Hz gaming monitor with it, too. The panel is a curved VA display that also sports HDR10, allowing your screen to get incredibly bright.

The display also has local dimming, so all of your HDR goodness will be displayed really well, too. This Black Friday PS5 monitor ticks almost every box in gaming scenarios. Games like God of War Ragnarok can run at up to 120Hz natively. So, if you pick up this gaming monitor, you’ll get the best possible experience using a panel like this.

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It’s also generally a good investment for your PC setup. If you have a machine capable of running games at 4K at high refresh rates. Though it’s not as fast as the ASUS monitor that we have previously used, it’s certainly still extremely good.

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