KSI responds to PewDiePie’s 2025 boxing challenge

KSI responds to PewDiePie 2025 boxing challengeYouTube: JJ Olatunji, PewDiePie

Internet star KSI couldn’t help but laugh after being “challenged” to a boxing match in 2025 by none other than the OG YouTube king himself, PewDiePie.

Felix ‘PewDiePie’ Kjellberg may have lost his title as YouTube’s single most-subscribed content creator to MrBeast, but he still reigns as one of the platform’s most prominent influencers — and his comments carry quite a bit of weight.

That’s why, when he joked about challenging fellow influencer KSI to a boxing match, the internet instantly perked up its ears… and years later, fans are still waiting on the “fight” to happen.

PewDiePie initially commented on a match with KSI several years ago, before his move to Japan. In the video, he reacted to a meme about himself and KSI on his subreddit, which poked fun at how the two creators have matured and become friends over time.

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PewDiePie explains why he didnt quitYouTube: PewDiePie
PewDiePie is one of YouTube’s most-subscribed creators, alongside MrBeast.

PewDiePie “challenges” KSI to 2025 boxing match

“We’re gonna have to brawl it out,” Pewds laughed. “We’re gonna have to fight in 2025. I challenge you, KSI, in 2025.”

“No I don’t!” he backtracked, almost immediately. “That was a joke. Don’t even slightly take that as real. No. I don’t wanna die.”

Kjellberg went on to roast his fellow YouTuber for being unable to play the Alphorn, a large horn that is used for communication across mountains in the Swiss Alps and other regions in Europe (as well as being a long-running joke in KSI’s community).

“I find it funny — JJ, who has multiple albums, hit singles, but he can’t play the Alphorn to save his life. He was literally screaming in it. You’re supposed to blow!”

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KSI and PewDiePie play instrumentsYouTube: PewDiePie, JJ Olatunji

While KSI didn’t comment on the idea of a fight with PewDiePie directly, he did have a good laugh at the whole ordeal before hitting back at the Swede’s comments on his Alphorn-playing skills in a more recent video posted in December 2022.

“How am I meant to blow the Alphorn?” he yelled. “Look at the size of it, bruv! How am I gonna blow that thing! How is the air meant to travel all the way down to the end to make a noise?”

(Topic begins at 2:30)

While it’s unlikely we’ll ever see these two face off in the boxing ring, KSI is set to put on his boxing gloves again very soon in his upcoming fight against mixed martial artist Dillon Danis this January.

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