Secretlab Skins impressions: Give your gaming chair a new look

Secretlab Skins lineup showing the colors available at launchSecretlab

We got to test out the Secretlab Skins, which let you wrap your gaming chair in new colors and designs. Here’s what we thought.

Secretlab chairs have long been a favorite across Dexerto for their comfort, build quality, and unique designs (just look at the Genji option we reviewed in recent weeks).

The trouble is that when each chair costs a fair amount, you’re unlikely to be excited by the prospect of buying another when your favorite franchise gets a collaboration – Secretlab chairs are an investment, but that also means you’re stuck with it for years.

Secretlab Skins are the manufacturer’s new way to refresh your upholstery without buying a whole new chair, and while the idea is sound, they’re not cheap — starting at $169.

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The Secretlab Skin you’re in

Secretlab Skin being installedDexerto/Secretlab
Every section of the Secretlab Skin has been tweaked to wrap around the chair perfectly.

The Secretlab Skins are designed specifically for the Secretlab TITAN Evo 2022, so it’s worth noting that you may struggle to get them to fit on older/differently-sized gaming thrones.

Each skin comes in two pieces, with one for the seat and another for the backrest. Our review option comes in the Arctic White colorway, and we used it with the aforementioned Genji chair which is the XL version of the TITAN Evo.

Secretlab skins zips undoneDexerto/Secretlab
The zips make the back cover easy to fit.

Applying the skin is relatively simple since it’s so precisely built to the chair’s dimensions. Simply slide the base portion over the front of the seat, and pull it to the end. Small tabs lock under the plastic covers at the back of the seat, and then you’ll need to push it through the back and attach it via clips at the bottom.

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Secretlab Skins lower piece tabDexerto/Secretlab
These tabs fit perfectly under the chair’s panels.

The backrest is even easier since you just need to ensure it’s the right way round and put it over the top. There are zips to ensure a snug fit, and once secure, you can tighten it accordingly.

Skin in the game

Secretlab Skins on the rear part of a Secretlab chairDexerto/Secretlab
Our lighting isn’t ideal, but the finished piece is impressively clean.

Secretlab says that the skins are indistinguishable from their non-Skin counterparts, and while it’s close there are a few ways to tell. For one, it’s a little more cushioned because there’s an extra layer added, and while it’ll look great when fully tightened, it’ll never be quite as flush or taut as the leather-style back and seat of the chair’s own construction.

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Secretlab skin on the seat of a Secretlab chairDexerto/Secretlab

If you’re looking to revamp your Secretlab chair, then $169 is certainly a high price. The company’s initial range includes a series of colors, but if we start to see new crossovers with popular titles, it could become a great way to show your allegiance to an esports team or profess your fandom for a new game.

Final Thoughts

The cost of entry is steep, but Secretlab Skins are well-made and look great. As a proof of concept, it’s exciting. But it’ll be even more so when there’s a fresh set of designs based around fresh teams and titles. (Come on, Secretlab, we’d pay double for a Destiny 2-themed skin).

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Buy Secretlab Skins here.

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