Overwatch 2 players call for simple change to Mei’s Ice Wall ability

Overwatch 2 mei surprised with snowballBlizzard Entertainment

Overwatch 2 players are calling for a simple tweak that could revamp Mei’s Ice Wall ability, as Season 2 of the game drops around the world.

The latest batch of content for Overwatch 2 is here, with Season 2 bringing players a wealth of improvements to the game.

However, the launch of Season 2 has met some resistance from players, as the rejuvenated Battle Pass has ignited a stir in the community. While many players will be flocking to try out new Tank hero Ramattra, it’s Support favorite Mei that is continuing to encourage divisive discussion.

Mei’s Ice Wall ability has always been a point of contention and now, the Overwatch 2 community believes a straightforward tweak could drastically improve it.

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Overwatch 2 players want “adjustment” for Mei’s Ice Wall ability upon spawn

On the Overwatch 2 subreddit, frustrated Redditor shuscreamsundae suggested: “Why can’t they make Mei’s ice wall ability disabled at spawn?”

They continued, “I’m sure someone has thought of this already and I don’t see how this adjustment would bring any problems at all.”

Mei’s Ice Wall has often been used as a protective barrier against enemy fire and proves useful to hold down Payloads in particularly intense moments. However, some players use it to hem in their own team and funnel them through a certain door, or block their own team entirely.

“When my teammates refuse to group up and a few of us die, I wall us in so we have to wait for the rest of the people to spawn,” explained Kage-69, agreeing with the potential tweak.

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They claimed that “only people who would get mad at that are the same idiots who don’t know to group up and not try to 1v5 all game.”

Despite the OP’s good intentions to balance the game’s roster, others aren’t as supportive of the suggestion. Redditor AlexMcTowelie explained: “since ball spawns with a cooldown I don’t see why they can’t implement this tbh.”

“Because there’s always 2-3 exits to your spawn, so even if you get one blocked off with a wall you can just go out another one,” another player said.

It is unlikely that Mei’s Ice Wall will be amended anytime soon, as the developers are currently restoring goodwill after mass complaints took aim at the game’s skin economy.

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